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Meet our team

Jayson R. Elliott

Founder & CEO

An Attorney (California, USA), Technologist, and 26-year serial entrepreneur with start-ups in the software, construction, datacenter and mining industries. Previously “Director of datacenter operations” for eBay Inc., CTO of multiple web (dot com) and app-based start-ups in Silicon Valley. Owner and Principal at Bay Legal, PC, Bitcoin Mining Operation, Kryptk Ltd., and founder and CEO of Kryptk Pacific Minerals. Jayson has worked with multiple operations in the physical mining and processing industries throughout various jurisdictions, and so has surrounded himself with local professionals; geologists, engineers, mining operations directors and attorneys to oversee not only his personal portfolio, but to ensure successful operations in the mines partnered with Real Earth Elements. He has hired the experience necessary to operate the over 1100 hectares he has personally located, purchased, contracted for, or legally claimed, including 3 active mines, with the potential for 20+ more.

Lasse Pettersen

Technology & Market Advisor

Lasse is analytical in nature and makes decisions that are backed by data and research. His skills have been developed via business development positions in early-stage tech companies and an entrepreneurial journey as a founder of 

Anthony Robinson

VP - Business Development

Anthony Robinson is a Business Management, Development and Consulting expert with over 25 years’ experience in Asia and North America. He has many years’ experience in IT, online transaction firms and information delivery services, the financial markets, including a position at Dow Jones, and the crypto/blockchain markets. His experience further extends to Commodities Trading/Sourcing and China/Asia market analysis for offshore financial institutions, including hedge funds, banks and brokerages. Anthony’s work with commodities trading companies has required him to inspect mine sites and analyse market trends and conditions focusing on and facilitating trade of Nickel ore, Iron ore, Copper ore, Lead ore, Zinc ore, and Petroleum products.

Gage Robert

Data center manager

Gage has bee working with Kryptk since 2016 and relocated with us to central Washington when we moved into our first facility.